Email FAQs

What are the support services I get from WorldLink regarding e-mail issues?

WorldLink will provide you support service on issues related to configuration and troubleshooting on only the e-mail software mentioned below:

1. Outlook Express
2. Microsoft Outlook
3. Eudora Pro
4. Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Mail (default Mail client)

We will not provide support services on e-mail software other than the ones mentioned above. You are requested to configure or check settings using the following information on your own:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3) : pop3.wlink.com.np
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) : smtp.wlink.com.np

Account name: Your WorldLink username (the part before "@" on your e-mail address, for e.g., username is support for address support@wlink.com.np)
Password: Your account password.

I cannot send e-mail using the SMTP server of my company through WorldLink’s connection. Have you blocked outbound port 25 connection?

Yes. As a policy, we have blocked all outgoing port 25 connections. Therefore, please use our SMTP server (smtp.wlink.com.np) to send your e-mails. As an alternate, you can use secure SMTP to deliver your e-mails to your company's SMTP server abroad.

I have an Internet account with Wlink. How can I use that to download mails from my overseas account?

To download mails from your overseas account using Wlink’s connection, configure any Email Client ( e.g.- Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat ) to use the POP (incoming mail) server of that overseas provider, SMTP (outgoing mail) server of Wlink (smtp.wlink.com.np) and your user name/password for the foreign host.

Can I access my Wlink Email account using other ISPs connection?

Yes, you can access your Wlink Email account through other ISPs connections. Make sure the pop server address is that of Wlink (pop3.wlink.com.np, pop.wlink.com.np or mail.wlink.com.np).

Another way off accessing your Email account is through our Web mail. The address is http://webmail.wlink.com.np. Visit the web address and log in with your Wlink username and password.

While receiving  Emails, I get an Error saying that Remote Server has terminated the connection. Why?

This Problem is generally experienced in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. We have however managed a mail server for backward compatibility. The users getting this kind of errors can put mail.wlink.com.np as their POP (Incoming) Mail server.

Why can’t I send Email with more than 50 recipient Addresses at a time?

This is our attempt to fight against Spamming. We do not allow our users to send mails which have more than 50 recipient addresses in a single Mail.

I am not able to receive mails and the sender gets a mailer-daemon error messages stating "The user's disk quota exceeded". What could be the causes for this?

It is requested to the users that they periodically download all their mails from the server to their Computer. If the User's Mails occupy more than the predefined quota value (disk space used), then the server will no longer accept the incoming mails due to lack of space in your mailbox. The default quota is 5MB.

I get Mailer-daemon and failure-notice from different Emails stating that "the mail sent by you contains a Virus"; But I did not send them. How?

This indicates that your computer is probably infected with virus. Install a newer version of Antivirus, update it and scan your computer for any virus infection.

How effective is the Incoming & Outgoing email scanning through Antivirus software?

Yes, the email scanning works effectively if the virus definition installed is updated on a regular basis. It scans every one of your incoming and outgoing emails so that you don’t send or receive virus-infected emails.

I want to be assured that I do not download any virus infected files or attachments with my emails. What should I do?

The best way of blocking virus infected files or attachments are by installing an antivirus, e.g. - Norton Antivirus 2002 or higher. With regular updates, virus infected mails or attachments are prevented from being downloaded. However, if you have already downloaded a file and doubt if that is a virus, look for the valid extension, e.g. .txt, .jpg, .html, .PDF etc.

How can I be sure that my email has been sent?

Please check the Sent folder, if you see the copy of your message which you were intending to send in this folder, then you can be sure that it has been sent out. Once the messages are delivered from your PC, the number of messages in the Sent Items folder should increase.