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Refer Big Three Offer

We are currently running two refer offers: our standard simple refer offer and the new Refer Big Three Offer. If you refer one person to our services, you are eligible to opt for the simple refer offer and will receive Rs. 750 worth of Internet. Or you can postpone your reward for two months. Within these two months, if you refer two more people, you are eligible for free Internet for three months. If you do not refer two more people, you will still get rewarded Rs. 750 for the first person, and are eligible for another Rs. 750 if you refer a second. Please click here to view terms and conditions in detail.

Refer with a Gesture

Access the Refer offer on your WorldLink app by first downloading it from GooglePlay or the AppStore. Launch the app and click on the "Refer offer" tab in the menu (found in the upper left corner). Click on the plus sign in the bottom right and fill in the form with the contact details of the person you are referring. Press send and we will follow up and begin the reward process