What is dataSAFE Online Backup?
dataSAFE Online Backup is a better way of backing up your important data files, including your document files, multimedia files, financial data or customer data. It offers higher level of security, reliability and convenience than most other backup solutions. You can backup, access and restore your computer data from anywhere, anytime without carrying any backup devices.

Why do I need a backup service?
Everybody needs to backup his/her computer on a regular basis. Today, you have very important files on your computer’s hard disk. Those files include your family photos and videos, you personal or business financial data, your customer data or research materials, etc. On average your computer or hard disk crashes every 3 years. Your files are also subject to virus attack, accidental deletion, or any major disasters, such as fire, theft, flood, earthquake, etc. An offsite online backup service like dataSAFE is an ideal solution to protect your data.

I have local backup using a USB drive, what is the advantage of dataSAFE backup?
dataSAFE is more reliable and secure than your USB backup. While your USB drive may get lost or damaged, the dataSAFE server is unlikely to get lost or damaged. Multiple dataSAFE servers ensure that even if one server fails, other servers will maintain data integrity. Your files are safe even in case of fire, theft, virus attacks or natural disasters like earthquake and flood. You also get the benefit of being able to backup / access / restore your data from anywhere.

How can you ensure secrecy and security of my files stored on the dataSAFE backup server?
During backup, prior to transferring your files from your computer to the dataSAFE server, the files are encrypted using Twofish, Triple DES or AES (user selectable) along with an encryption key that is your password by default. Once encrypted, the files are locked and can only be unlocked using the encryption key that is your password. Even if anyone gains access to the encrypted files, they cannot unlock it. Your data is completely safe with WorldLink’s dataSAFE! Needless to say, you must maintain the secrecy of your password.

How do I start using the service?
Download and install the dataSAFE application software. Follow the online instructions. Its quick and easy. Once installed, you can backup files immediately and schedule future backups.

What platforms (operating systems) are supported?
dataSAFE supports all leading operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, NetWare and NAS devices. It uses the Java2 Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or above.

Do I need WorldLink’s Internet to use this service?

No, this service can be used with any Internet service from any ISP.

Will the dataSAFE application backup files even when I am not connected to the Internet?
No, you must be connected to the Internet for the applications to backup files.

What if I need more than 100MB of storage?
No problem. We can provide as much storage as required (for a fee).

How can I use this service at my company?
You can install dataSAFE on each computer in your company and backup files automatically. This way, your employees will never lose important files/data. Please note that each computer must have access to the Internet. You can also install dataSAFE Business Edition on your servers to backup MS Exchange and databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle.

Will dataSAFE work over dial-up Internet?
Yes, but the backup will be slow.