Download and Get Started



Download and install the dataSAFE client application

Windows Version
Mac OS Version

Installation Instructions:

Please follow the instructions below to install the dataSAFE client application:
  1. Double-click the dataSAFE-home_win-acb.exe installation file and select the language to use.

  2. The Welcome Window displays.

  3. Click the Next button to begin the installation. License Agreement Window displays.

  4. Select the option "I accept the agreement" and Click the Next button. Select Destination Location window displays

  5. The Folder field contains the default folder into which the dataSAFE client application will be installed.

    To change the location to which the application is to be installed, click the Browse button, and navigate to the folder to which you would like the application installed.

  6. Click the Next button and the Select Additional Tasks window displays.

  7. Select one of the radio buttons Anyone who uses this computer or Me Only.
    • Anyone who uses this computer - Install the dataSAFE client application for anyone who uses this computer.
    • Me Only - Install the dataSAFE client application for yourself.

  8. Click the Next button to proceed with the installation. Ready to Install Window displays, then click Install and the Installing window displays.

  9. The installation begins. The window displays the progress of the installation.

    When complete, a new window indicates that the dataSAFE client application installation is successful.

    Completing the dataSAFE-HE Setup Wizard window is displayed. Then, Click Finish.

  10. Trial Registration window displays.

  11. Click the Next Button.

  12. 9. Enter your new Login Name, Password and Email. All Fields are Required.
    Then Click the Submit button. Backup Source Pop up window displays.

  13. 10. Click the Advanced button and Advanced Backup Source window displays.

  14. 11. Choose the location of the file that you want to back up and Click OK and the "dataSAFE Home Edition" window displays.

  15. 12. Then click the Backup link on the top left column to backup your file.

  16. Backup process starts and the backup progress is shown on the Backup Progress window.

    Then login to
    Click Weblogin.

    Enter your Login Name and Password and view your backup files.


    How to Change the Password

    13. If you want to change your password open your dataSafe program. Below window displays.

    Now click on profile icon as highlighted in the picture above.

    14. Click on change button to change password.

    15. Keep your Old Password and New Password and keep same as new password in Confirm New Password and click on OK.